Milly Golia

CEO and Founder

Milly Golia is a Ph.D. Candidate – Master’s in Legal Translation (double major in Translation and Conference Interpreting). She is a Public Certified Public Translator (English<>Spanish) who graduated from the UNLP (Universidad Nacional de La Plata) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the University of California (UCI), she got two certificates in Global Operations Management and Applied Project Management. Her company, Bureaucom LLC, provides written and oral translation services in over 40 languages. She is also the creator of a curriculum called Take5steps©, a new business unit that provides training to students who want to become professional translators or interpreters. She has split her professional career between the United States and South America as a translator/interpreter, localization manager, consultant, lecturer, and trainer for the University of California, Irvine.

José Reyes

Operations Director ​

Jose Reyes is a Professional Conference Interpreter. He is the Director of Operations at BUREAUCOM LLC and oversees the Interpreting Training Division at Take5steps©. He has extensive experience interpreting for organizations in a variety of fields, such as healthcare, immigration, entertainment, education, and community organizing: Valor US (California Coalition Against Sexual Assault) National Sexual Assault Conference, Billboard International Mexican Regional Music Summit, International Olympic Committee, Copa América Centenario, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Scleroderma Foundation Conference, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Pulmonology Department, Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles and Santa Anna, LAUSD, Lennox School District, Rialto Unified School District, El Monte Unified School District, Montebello Unified School District, Real Madrid Fútbol Club, among others.

Richard Steele

Marketing Director ​

As a Marketing Director, Richard is responsible for BUREAUCOM LLC’s marketing and communications strategies and overall branding and image. He prepares our annual marketing plans, creates a calendar of campaigns and events, sets the marketing budget, and analyzes the market and competitors. He is also an instructor at the University of California at Irvine for over 22 years.

Carolina Bonetto

Training Program Division & Instructor ​

Carolina Bonetto is a Certified Translator with a degree from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. She specializes in General and Special Education translation and has over five years of experience in the industry. She is a Board Member of Language Access and an instructor at Take5steps©, in charge of the Training Program for Interpreters and Translators in Education©. She worked as an English teacher in different schools and institutions for six years, which has given her a passion for empowering students and families, and has helped her gain a first-hand understanding of the education dynamics and the necessary skills to address language issues, problems, and disabilities. She advocates for language access and language justice. She helps children and families with limited English proficiency by providing them with translated information and resources to thrive in the education context and communicate in the language they have full command.

Luciana Ramos

Medical Interpreting/Translation Training Program Coordinator

Luciana Ramos is a professional ATA-certified translator and interpreter with over 26 years in the Language and Technology industry. Mrs. Ramos holds a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Translation and a Master’s Degree in E-Learning Management (both issued by universities in Spain in 2014 and 2021), a Technical-scientific and Literary Translation Degree, and a Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreter Degree (both issued in Argentina, 1992-1996). Luciana has a long-standing presence as a professional trainer. She has delivered webinars, in-person workshops and courses, and conference presentations on several fields related to translation specialization at an international level, with an essential focus on Machine translation. Mrs. Ramos also has broad practical experience in every translation and localization supply chain link. Thanks to her specialist knowledge of language technologies and her research capabilities, she performs an array of professional services: scientific translation, software localization, telephone/on-site interpreting, professional training and coaching (for translators, vendor managers, and project managers), as well as consulting on business organization and processes, Quality Assurance, and investments on technology. As a source of continuing education, market trends, and business developments, Luciana is a proud Tremédica, GALA, ALC, and ATA member. Recently, she has joined the incoming Board of Directors of Tremédica as Secretary.

Magalí Squaranti

Plain Language Division & Instructor​ ​

Magalí Squaranti holds a University Degree in Translation (UNR, Argentina), a University Professor Diploma (UCEL, Argentina), and a Specialization in Education & Information and Communications Technology (Ministry of Education, Argentina). She is completing the Professional Proofreader Program at Instituto Superior de Letras Eduardo Mallea, Argentina. She works as a Translator and Proofreader for agencies, NGOs, and end clients; moreover, she is a Translation Professor at IES Olga Cossettini in Rosario, Argentina. She is in charge of the Spanish Division at Take5steps©, where she helps translators and interpreters improve their Spanish language skills to succeed in their profession.

Maria Mercedes Scasso


She holds a Sworn English-Spanish Translator degree from Universidad del Salvador and a degree in Spanish Linguistic Rules from Fundación LITTERAE (both from Buenos Aires, Argentina). Over ten years of experience as a translator and editor has allowed her to gain deeply specialized knowledge, master QA processes, and manage the latest computer-assisted tools.

Her main areas of expertise are Health Care, Education, and NGOs. As far apart and distinctive as they may seem, they have come together to align perfectly with the path I have chosen: to make an impact in people’s lives through my work, helping underserved LEP communities and people with disabilities have equal access and opportunities. I want to break down barriers for them.

Catherine Michelena Hertel


Catherine Michelena Hertel graduated from Law School in Caracas, Venezuela, completed her paralegal in Austin, Texas, and obtained her LL.M. Master of Law from the University of San Francisco. She is also an interpreter/translator at a school district in Northern California, where she works with principals, teachers, and special education staff members to better serve Spanish-speaking communities in different educational settings. Previously, as a paralegal, she worked with law firms and volunteered at nonprofit organizations, helping Spanish-speaking clients with their needs and supporting attorneys with legal work, translations, and interpretations in legal settings.

Daniel Lottis


Daniel is an experienced interpreter and translator, fluent in four languages. Has relied professionally on written and verbal communication in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, as well as French. Language services offered between Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Experience with Portuguese has been almost entirely with Brazilians. Simultaneous interpreting has been provided in Zoom meetings as well as in person. Earliest experience with simultaneous work took place in fully equipped sound booths supplemented with receivers and headsets for the audience. Chuchotage or whispering has also been provided extensively. Substantial experience with consecutive interpreting for lectures, interviews, and meetings. Document translation has been provided between all pairings of Spanish, Portuguese, and English with a preponderance of the EN-PT pair.

Micaela Tenaguillo


Books have always been my passion. I have always been curious, and I never leave questions without answers. I have studied English since childhood but never thought languages would become an essential part of my job. When I was 17 years old, I traveled alone to South Africa for a cultural exchange, and then I realized translation was my passion. During that journey, I saw the importance of my role as a channel between my family in SA and my family in Argentina. Thanks to me, these two unknown worlds could get close, communicate, and relate. After this beautiful adventure, I knew I wanted to be a translator. My passion for languages is combined with my passion for commerce and legal areas, so the texts I translate and produce are adequate for those fields. Today, I have the opportunity to have the job I want; my passion is reflected in everything I do.

Paula Minetti


Paula Minetti graduated from Translation School, University of Buenos Aires,
Argentina, in 2003. After graduation, she lectured at her alma mater first in
Translation and then in Law programs for almost two decades. She has worked in
many renowned international law firms as an in-house and freelance translator
gaining experience in all fields of law. She is also a registered court translator and
interpreter with federal and local courts sitting in Buenos Aires. As an eager learner,
she is now studying the Canadian common law in a Legal Studies program to
become a court interpreter and paralegal in British Columbia, Canada.

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