Interpreting / Remote Interpreting

We have professional interpreters in different language combinations who are widely experienced in high and end business meetings, international conferences and congresses in different areas requiring simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.


• Conference Interpreter
• Legal Interpreter
• Medical Interpreter
• Event – Community Interpreter
• Interpreting Equipment Rental

  • What is simultaneous interpretation?

Interpreters work in a booth and translate the speaker’s presentation that is heard by the audience through headphones. The main advantage of this kind of interpretation is that there is no delay in the translation of the presentation and the speaker feels at ease, without the need to pause. Simultaneous interpretation is highly recommended when there are more than 15 individuals present.

  • What is consecutive interpretation?

The interpreter works close to the speaker and translates part of the speech every time that the speaker pauses. The advantage of this technique is that the speaker and the interpreter are in close contact with the public, and it is easy to clarify any doubts or answer any questions as the presentation goes on. This alternative is recommended for business meetings, round tables, press conferences and events involving up to 15 participants.